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  • 2017-12-07
    Press-fit Machine New Launch Features :Servo motor drive mode* 5-sectional press-fit control * +-0.04mm press distance tolerance * +-0.02mm repeated press distance tolerance * 80mm max. press distance * Press speed control Software operation * Safe sensing for operation * Quick response to software modification * Data recording and storage * Intuitive operation and setting * Offline editing and programming * Recipe parameters are loaded in between
  • 2017-09-14
    NEW CATALOG FOR Push Pull Circular Connectors
  • 2017-07-12
    NEW CATALOG FOR High Speed Connectors
  • 2017-07-10
    Features: • Comply with PICMG 2.0 R3.0, 2.1 R2.0, 2.5R1.0 specifications • Comply with ANSI / VITA 30-2000 standard • Compliant pins comply with IEC 60352 standard • Leadtime in 4 weeks • 2.0mm connector signal pitch for backplane and daughtercards. • 5 row & 8 rows available • Three levels of sequential mating for connector contacts. • Optional contact loading available. • Power connector also available.
  • 2017-03-14
    .Used with QSFP28G style A connector .Light pipe and heat sink options are available .QSFP28G interconnects are designed for high-density applications supporting 25 Gbps or 28Gbps data rate per channel, or 100 Gbps and 112 Gbps full channels. .Backward compatible with QSFP+ transceivers
  • 2017-01-23
    • Low-profile design enhances system airflow • 24 signal pins+2 power pins • 1A per signal pin, 30A per power pin • Both standard right angle type and mid-mount right angle type available
  • 2016-11-24
    Security of the Push-pull SnapLatch system Multi-pole options 2/3/4/6 contacts Meets autoclave sterilization requirement Half-moon insulator contacts Full EMC shielding
  • 2016-11-02
    (1)The cover of the male connector series provides protection for connector and backplane slots. (2)Using cover for connector and backplane slots can avoid damage during handling, transporting and manufacturing process . (3) Anti-electrostatic
  • 2016-10-21
    QSFP28 Connectors 2 By Versions Features 1.Multi cages available with 2x1,2x2,2x3. 2.Nextron's Z-861 series. 3.Through bezel and EMI Gasket version available. 4.QSFP28G inte...
  • 2016-10-07
    Push Pull Circular Series / K Series / Watertight Metal Circular  Connector Features & Application • Push-pull self-latch mechanism • DIP and solder, crimp contacts ...

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