Employee care

A.Articles of incorporation stipulates that 5% to 15% profit should be reserived as employee bonus. Nextron set up a bonus and profit sharing plan. The plan was implemented from 2009, Nextron reserved 12% to 13% of the profit as bonus to share with all eomployees every year.
B.Issue employee stock purchase plan to attact highly skilled employee, inspire employee's morale and enhance the internal cohesion, in order to co-create interests of employees, company and shareholders.
C.Draw up ''Year-end bonus policy''. In addition to making sure employee can receive a basic level of year-end bonuses, Nextron adjusts the bonus based on company profitibilty.
D.By setting up a selection Criteria of annual outstanding employee to enhance employee work performance. Company combine the year-end result of employee evaluation to reward outstading employee and select management trainees.
E.Establish an employee welfare committee to arrange all kind of employee welfare related activities, for example : Three chinese festival bonuses, birthday parites, company trips, et.

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