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Board to Board High Current Connector
11 Jun 2021

If standard connectors available on the market do not meet your requirements of power supply, you might want to consider our high power solution.
Nextron’s high current connector is an unique solution on the market that supports board-to-board connection. The product delivers stable current flow up to 40A/pin amidst high density PCBs with high conductivity copper. In addition, the press-fit termination is designed compactly to fit between high density PCBs.
This highly durable crown spring provide stable contact and is able to operate in high vibration environments.
Nextron’s high power/high density board-to-board connectors focus on new challenging applications such as mining rigs, energy storage systems, or autonomous car central control units.
• Up to 40A/pin contact
• Low contact resistance 0.5mΩ. 
• Vibration-resistant (contact & board side)
• The shortest board-to-board connecto
Electrical Data:
Contact Resistance
Initial 0.5mΩ.
Current Rating
40A Max. Ø4.0mm
Mechanical Data:
Mating Cycles
1000 Cycles Min.
Operating Temperature
• Mining rigs
• Autonomous car central control units
• Energy storage systems

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