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Intel Sapphire Rapids LGA4677 Thermal Solution
13 Dec 2021

Compared to water cooling solutions, air cooling heatsinks are more cost-efficient for HPC systems.
As an expert in chassis heat dissipation design, Nextron has ready solutions for Intel’s new generation Sapphire Rapids CPU of Eagle Stream platform.
The solution is designed under Intel Xeon thermal guideline. High conductivity materials such as copper and aluminum are selected for 3x D6mm heat pipes. Heatsink fins are densely allocated while maximizing airflow through the fins.
In addition to the outstanding heat dissipation ability, the design is highly customizable according to individual needs.
  • For 2022 Intel next generation platform as Eagle Stream
  • New design and high thermal performance 
- Excellent heat conductivity base (Copper + Aluminum + D6mm    Heat-pipe by 3pcs) 
- High density of fin stack for cooling area 
- TDP up to 205 Watts
Technical Characteristics
  • Application CPU: Sapphire Rapids-SP 
  • Application CPU Socket: LGA 4677-1
  • HS Dimension: 118 x 78 x 24.7mm
  • Base Thickness: 4.5mm
  • Base Material: Aluminum / Copper Block / D6 mm Heat Pipe x 3pcs
  • Fin Material: Aluminum
  • Fin Thickness and Q’ty: T = 0.3mm / 48pcs 
  • HS Mass: 274g
Heat Sink Performance Chart
The mock-up sample testing data by thermal wind tunnel:
  • φ: 0.208 °C/W ∆P: 0.32Inch-H2O @12CFM for 170W
  • φ: 0.158 °C/W ∆P: 0.64Inch-H2O @20CFM for 205W
NEXTRON-Heat Sink Performance Chart- TDP 170W NEXTRON-Heat Sink Performance Chart- TDP 205W
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