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Nextron Prototyping Capability Upgrade
06 May 2022

In order to meet the diverse needs of clients, Nextronconstantly explores new designs and simulation methods. New equipment are frequently introduced to enhance production quality and efficiency.
This year, materials for mass production is available for 3D printing, benefiting several prototyping process such as those of EV charging inlets and sockets.
The newly introduced 5 axis CNC machine greatly improved advanced processing capability of materials such as steel, facilitating the production of heat dissipation components.
By pursuing continuous improvement, Nextronaims to provide the best integrated service to our customers.
Case 1 (DC Charging Port Sample)
  • Customer’s requirement: Heat resistant above 90 degrees
  • Solution: 3D printing
  • Equipment:Markforged-X7 Type
  • Printing method: FDM / Hot Melt Stacking
  • Print size: 330mm x 250mm x 200mm (X, Y, Z)
  • Resolution: 50μm/ layer
  • Nozzle: Double nozzle
Material Distribution
Detail of Product
Material Characteristic Chart
 Onyx+Carbon Fiber: A blend of both materials, comparable in strength to aluminum alloys
Composite Material 
Heat resistant | Resilient | Does not Bend Easily
Carbon fiber  
Lightweight | Resilient | Easily bent
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Case 2 (Co2 Laser Cutter)
  • Customer’s requirement: DC Charging Port Sample
  • Solution:Co2 Laser Cutter
  • Equipment:FLUX|Beambox Pro

Equipment Features

  • Watts: 50W
  • Work Area:60*37.5*8cm
  • Supported formats:JPG | PNG | SVG | DXF | AI | PDF
  • Processable materials
  • Cutting - wood | acrylic | cardboard | leather | felt
  • Engraving - Anodized metal - Stainless steel (requires spray) - Clear glass
Case 3 (5 Axis CNC)
  • Customer’s requirement:Coaxial connectors for low volume production
  • Solution:CNC
  • Equipment:CNV-750
  • MaterialZinc alloy
  • Accuracy:± 0-0.04
Equipment Features
  • Improved quality and efficiency
  • Increased flexibility and complexity of processing

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