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PFA: Cardiac Electrophysiology's Future
24 Aug 2023

Pulsed Field Ablation (PFA) is emerging as a transformative technique in cardiac electrophysiology. Historically, traditional ablation addressed heart arrhythmias using extreme temperatures, posing risks to surrounding tissues. PFA, in contrast, harnesses electrical fields for a more precise and safer approach. This advancement not only stands as a beacon of innovation in medical technology but also signals an anticipated paradigm shift in treating atrial fibrillation.


PFA's Promising Horizon in Electrophysiology

Initially pioneered in oncology, PFA's transition to cardiac applications underscores its adaptability and promise. Supported by recent findings from the Heart Rhythm Society meeting and bolstered by encouraging clinical trial outcomes, its efficacy parallels current ablation techniques while its enhanced safety—especially in mitigating tissue burn complications—positions PFA as the anticipated new benchmark in ablation standards.


Market Potential and Growth

The market potential for PFA is striking, with the global PFA System market anticipated to grow at a CAGR of +11% from 2023 to 2029, driven by PFA's clinical achievements and increasing acceptance.

MedicalDesign highlights Boston Scientific's intensified production of its Farapulse PFA system for broader distribution by 2023's end. After acquiring Affera in 2022, Medtronic gained European CE approval for its PFA system. With neither having FDA approval yet, Medtronic's low trial adverse event rate might offer a U.S. advantage.

Meanwhile, MedTech Dive notes that PFA innovations from Medtronic, Boston Scientific, and Johnson & Johnson threaten Abbott's $1.9 billion electrophysiology stake. The pivot to PFA could impact up to 90% of Abbott's 2025 revenues in this area.


High Current Drives PFA's Success

PFA relies on accurate electrical fields, with high current connectivity playing an indispensable role. This robust current ensures effective ablation, mitigating the risks commonly associated with thermal methods. Beyond safety, the speed and precision of PFA enhance patient outcomes, exemplified by its impressively low adverse event rate and expedited procedure times. 

Ensuring this precision and efficiency is where Nextron's advanced connector technology comes in, ideally suited to meet the demands of PFA's instantaneous high current requirements.

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