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2021 NEXTRON Investors Conference
15 Jan 2021

At January 13, 2021, connector manufacturer Nextronics Engineering Corp. (8147) held its investor conference at Taipei. The conference started off with Kevin Chen, general manager of Nextronics, demonstrating the company’s transformation during the past 3 years and the latest results of the company’s 5 target markets.


Nextronics has been dedicated to MATIC (Medical, Aerospace, Transportation, Industry, Communication) markets since 2017. Regardless of the pandemic in 2020, the company achieved amazing results by surpassing the sales of 2018 with additional 6% margin growth and reached 35%.


At the beginning of 2020, Nextronics’ capacity in the medical field has been recognized. As Peter Liu, the spokesman of Nextronics, has pointed out, 1/3 of the top 15 global medical device brands are Nextronics’ clients. Furthermore, the top 1 brand has been Nextronics’ client since 1997. Nextronics has also been devoted to the aerospace industry for several years. They are one of the few Taiwanese connector suppliers that are certified with AS9100 both in design and manufacture. As for the automotive industry, Nextronics expects greater results in 2021, from cooling system of level 5 autonomous cars to Chinese NEV brands.


“Since Sinbon’s (3023) investment in Nextronics in 2018, you can see cooperation of the 2 companies in several projects. For instance, in warehouse automation systems, smart factories and unmanned delivery projects,” Peter Liu said in the conference. Aside from collaborations with Sinbon, 5G products will be Nextronics’ key driver of growth in 2021. Under the influence of trade war between the US and China, the supply chain of communication equipment has been decentralized, which made a positive impact on Nextronics. From base stations to 400G core network, Nextronics has demonstrated a wide selection of patented products during the conference.


During the closing section, Stephen Hsu, the president of Nextronics, shared how the company’s culture has evolved. He also thanked Joseph Wang, chairman of Sinbon, who has shared precious experience generously during Nextronics’s transformation. Echoing what Chen and Liu has said earlier in the conference, Hsu emphasized the company’s focus on MATIC markets. From connectors, thermal dispassion systems to subsystems, Nextronics will be providing reliable solutions to customers with their 30 years’ experience.


Hsu has also emphasized Nextronics’ effort in ESG in the conference. The company has been recognized as one of the top 20% publicly listed company in corporate governance for 5 consecutive years. Last year, Nextronics has been certified with ISO 50001 (energy management systems) and ISO 14001 (environmental management), which is a proof to the company’s balance between company growth and social benefit.

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