01 / Connector

In-house connector

  • 2mm HM connectors
  • cPCI / ATCA/MicroTCA power connector
  • AMC card edge connector
  • Futurebus , DIN416/p12 connector

02 / PCB

Provide low-volume high-mix backplane PCB fab. service

  • Precise back-drill technology
  • High-layer count capability, up to 60L
  • Special material available ex: Nelco
  • PCB O/S and TDR testing
  • Hi-Pot Testing available

03 / DIP & SMT

  • All in one service
  • Low volume with variety service
  • Just in time production

04 / Press-fit Tooling

Magnetic design for Universal Press-fit tool

  • Bottom plate
  • Placement plate
  • PCB support pin/ PCB support block
  • PCB positioning pin

05 / Press-fit

In-house made Press- fit machine

  • Precise distance and force control for high speed press-fit connectors
  • 3-sectional distance control for complex press-fit process
  • SPC software for quality management
  • Connector database for press-fit parameters
  • Press-fit parameter setting with visualized photos
  • Barcode scan function for easy input part number and serial number during production

06/ ICT Test

ICT is an example of white box testing where an electrical probe tests a populated printed circuit board (PCB), checking for shorts, opens, resistance, capacitance, and other basic quantities which will show whether the assembly was correctly fabricated.

  • High-density pin point design and the latest software technology
  • Reach up to 2560 test points
  • DUT ( device under test) Midplane components will be detected

07/ Cage Tooling

In house tooling design

  • Equipment: Wire-cut, CNC, NCT, Forming machine
  • Soft tool: short term 1 week
  • Hard tool:4 weeks

08/ Subrack Assembly

  • Cable assembly
  • Fan module assembly
  • Filter assembly
  • Card guide assembly
  • Power module
  • Top and bottom cover module

09 / O/S Test

  • Up to 11,000 test points maximum
  • O/S tester checks open and short condition of a backplane
  • The tooling and fixtures are customized to the backplane configuration
  • All test points are contacted and matched by connectors of backplane and test cards
  • The O/S tester send signal to all points to detect all paths PCB and connectors on the backplane

10 / Function Test

Comply with customer request

11 /Packing

  • One by one pallet wrapping for subrack
  • Antistatic bag packing for backplane finished pressfiting


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