Reasonably use conductive, convective, and radiate solutions according to the working environment of customer’s products.

Achieve effective heat dissipation with the help of the normal force of clips of heat sinks, the shape of heat sinks, heat pipes, and other material with good thermal performance.

Concept about heat dissipation

Through the thermal mechanism, the heat will be transferred to other objects or to be transferred to other forms in order to maintain the normal operation of the system.


The heat travels through the medium. The common good conductive materials are copper and gold. The heat will move from the high temperature side to the low temperature side. The greater the temperature difference is, the bigger the heat moves. 


Convection is a heat transfer mode through the fluid. Fluid can be gas or liquid, such as air cooling and water cooling systems. Convection can be considered as an extension of conduction, but flowing fluid can disperse the heat more quickly.So, the effect is better than the conduction.


All objects will occur the heat radiation, except in the absolute zero environment. Heat radiation is actually the electromagnetic wave, so its heat dissipation mode is different from conduction and convection. It does not require the medium. Like the sunlight, it comes to the earth through the form of radiation


Operating temperature of AOC (QSFPQSFP+QSFP 28 SFPSFP+‚ SFP28)

Heat dissipation is a compound function. In case of a cage, both conduction and convection modes are included.When the heat is transferred to the optical module and reaches to the heat sink, it is conductive. When the heat is taken out by the fan, it is convective.   

  Class Case Temperature Range

AOC standard defines the operating temperature




0 through 70 °C

-5 through 85 °C

-40 through 85°C


Avago’s definition about the temperature measurement point

It will be our value to design a good thermal solution to meet customer’s requirement in a cost-effective way.

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