Medical Solutions

Nextron specializes in connectivity solutions for minimally invasive surgical devices and innovative connectivity applications for single-use medical devices. As an interface specialist, we have a distinguished reputation for offering push-pull self-latching connectors in plastic or metal, featuring up to IP68 waterproof level.

Other features such as quick mating/ unmating, keying, color-coding, chemical resistance, anti-vibration, high-temperature resistance, high-speed signal, power hybrid, biocompatibility, sterilizable and autoclavable materials. Our products are highly customizable just to meet your needs.

Why Nextron
Reliable products

Nextron’s medical-grade connectors are highly favored by leading companies and have been adopted by many major manufacturers for more than 20 years. Our clients are located in America, Europe, and Asia, including the world-renowned manufacturers of cardiac catheters and multinational corporations of minimally invasive medical devices. They all see Nextron as a key supplier.

All of Nextron's factories are ISO 13485 certified and the manufacturing processes are all in compliance with the quality management regulations for medical equipment. Through an automatic production system, each production step is controlled under the highest standards.

Innovative Solutions

Nextron utilizes expertise in cross-domain connectors to design the best solution for existing medical connectors. By integrating high-resolution image transmission into an existing product or equipping it with features such as high-voltage and high-density, we help clients meet the connectivity requirements needed for advanced therapies.

Nextron applies waterproof technology in minimally invasive medical supplies and continuously develops ultra-high-density connectors for new surgical procedures. We are expected to become one of the top global medical device companies with multiple patents in the medical field which are still accumulating.

Success Stories
Merge of Efficiently Designed Custom Medical ATX Chassis In the dynamic world of technology, Nextron is dedicated to providing innovative and quality solutions. We are excited to present our Medical ATX Chassis, a representation of our design capabilities and commitment to the healthcare industry. Our Medical ATX Chassis is distinct in its aesthetic appeal. The sleek and modern design contrasts with the traditional ATX chassis shapes and specifications, complementing the medical environment while adding a touch of sophistication. Read More Transforming Cardiac Ablation with Pulsed-Field Ablation Initially pioneered in oncology, PFA's adaptation for cardiac applications highlights its versatility and potential. Supported by recent findings from the Heart Rhythm Society meeting and reinforced by promising clinical trial results, PFA's efficacy matches current ablation techniques while its superior safety, particularly in preventing tissue burns, positions PFA as the anticipated new standard in ablation procedures. Read More NXMed Series: Multi-functional Connection Solutions for Single-Use Endoscopy Nextron is renowned for its innovative connection solutions in the field of minimally invasive surgical devices, receiving high acclaim from leading companies across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Particularly noteworthy are the NXMed series medical connectors designed for single-use endoscopes and cardiac catheters, which have been adopted by outstanding manufacturers worldwide. Read More Endoscopy Solutions: Efficient and Biocompatible Connections From patient monitoring devices to disposable surgical ablation catheters, you can find the perfect solution from the medical circular connectors family, which includes push-pull self-latching connectors in plastic or metal, featuring up to IP68 waterproof level. Read More New Member Nano Circular Connector The safety and reliability of connection solutions are top priorities for portable medical devices. As medical devices become smaller and more portable, connectors also need to be miniaturized while maintaining strong stability, good electrical performance, and robust connectivity. Thus, our new product, the nano-circular connector, was born. Read More

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