System Analysis and Design

As we pursuit higher data transmission rate and larger power transmission, heat dissipation is a significant topic that should be taken care of along the way. In order to ensure safety and reliability of our connection products, Nextron has been investing heavily in heat dissipation R&D abilities.
From component to system level, Nextron leverages excellent thermal simulation capabilities and delivers unique designs, machining and system assembly services to provide our customers with the most efficient and safe thermal solution.

Component Level
Thermal Solutions for I/O Connectors
Air Cooling
Heat sinks and heat pipes are custom designed with space limitation and target temperature in consideration.

Special mechanical design and material selection for excellent heat dissipation
Liquid Cooling
Dissipating up to 20W/pole in different configurations.
Custom design available to configurate with water channel within the chassis.
Thermal Conductive Material and Additions
Thermal conductive materials, thermal pads / tapes and thermal interface coatings under development.
Case Air Cooling Solution for CPU
Case :Cold Plate for Sensor Box
  • With simulation and machining ability, Nextron configures water channels according to customer’s PCB design.

Compact System Level
Case : Air Cooling Solution for Compact Chassis
  • Modularized: All-in-one chassis solution including backplane, power supply, fan, connector & assembly 
Case :Heat Dissipation Chassis for 5G Antenna
  • Highly integrated heat pipes with machined aluminum shell for chip arrays
  • Perfect balance signal integrity and heat dissipation for outdoor environment

Total System Level
Heat Dissipation Solution for Data Center
  • Not just single components, appropriate components are selected base on system level simulation to reach target temperature in compact space.

Simulation Capabilities
Thermal Analysis Tools
Software: Solid Works Flow Simulation 2020
Number of engineers: 2 (6-years experience)
Verification Equipment
Easy verification set: Ceramic heater and test chassis
Quality analysis center: Thermal cycle tester, humidity chamber
Case : Air Cooling Flow Simulation
  • Leverage system available space, in-system air flow simulation with the customized heat sink/heat pipes reached the target heat dissipation.
  • Case Liquid Cooling Flow Simulation
    • Liquid flow simulation generated optimized design.Only 55% EG of coolant could reach 5.0 kPa pressure drop which allows liquid flow through all channels.

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