4HP wide for 80/ 160/ 220 mm

Advanced EMC shielding

Smart design for easy stack

1. Tailored to VME and CompactPCI applications.

2. Color-coded for easy card identification:

  • · Red for CPU slot.
  • · Green for pluggable power supply slot.
  • · Grey for peripheral rack-mount use.

Card Guides are essential for reliable and efficient operation, especially in environments where ruggedness and reliability are critical, such as telecommunications, industrial automation, and data centers.

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color/ function
Description location color/ function DIMENSION Actions
CPCI cardguide
TOP Red 220mm
CPCI cardguide
BOTTOM Red 220mm
CPCI cardguide
TOP Red 160mm
cPCI cardguide
BOTTOM Red 160mm
CPCI cardguide
TOP Gray 160mm
CPCI cardguide
TOP Red 80mm
CPCI cardguide
BOTTOM Gray 220mm
CPCI cardguide
TOP Green 160mm
CPCI cardguide
TOP Gray 80mm
CPCI cardguide
BOTTOM Red 80mm
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