With over 3 decades of experience in the press-fit field, Nextron’s press-fit machine has been a professional choice worldwide. Nextron’s LPM3 is one of the best-selling C-type press-fit machines in the market. C types are cost-efficient and allow operators user-friendly placement of components and monitoring of the press-fit process. Nextron’s LPM3 press-fit machine can facilitate the setup process of pressure, distance, and sequence.

Press-fit Machine

LPM3 could accommodate PCB sizes up to 620mm x 320mm or 520mm x 360mm. The floating holding plate could be smoothly moved around to facilitate operation. 
• 5 sectional press control
• +-0.04mm press precision
• +-0.02mm press repeated precision
• 80mm max. press distance
• Press speed control
• Real-time press error alert
• Intuitive operation and setting
• Offline editing
• Prompt recipe parameter loading

Press-fit  Machine Information
Machine Type LPM3
Power AC 3Ø4W 220V
Machine Size 1100mm(L)*980mm(W)*1400mm(H)
Machine Weight 550~600 kgs
Press Force 5T (49KN)
X-Y Table 420mm(L)*660mm(W)

Table Size and PCB capacity


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