Social Participation

Nextron prioritizes human rights, social care, and environmental protection, aiming to improve energy and resource efficiency, eliminate harmful substances, and achieve zero waste and zero pollution. Nextron develops low-carbon technology, and green products, and strives to establish a green brand to encourage employees to focus on environmental and ecological development and coexistence with the Earth with high standards of "technological innovation and stable quality".

Since 2012, Nextron has implemented a "Corporate Social Responsibility Fund" policy and earmarks 0.3% to 0.5% of its monthly profits for social donations and corporate social responsibility activities.

Year Social Welfare Activities Amount
  • Supporting small-scale farmers in Taitung by promoting sustainable agriculture and custard apple cultivation.
  • Under the Ministry of Culture's initiative, colleagues are given movie tickets to support local films and indigenous creativity.
  • Craft Mid-Autumn Festival gift boxes with the Yu Cheng Social Welfare Foundation to distribute to all employees, especially vulnerable groups.
  • Participated in Jinlong Elementary School's charity sale event celebrating their anniversary, with all proceeds supporting special education classes.
NTD $1,182,805元
Caring for the Vulnerable

Nextron donates to social and charitable organizations serving vulnerable groups regularly and purchases supplies from these groups during festivals. We also hold events to care for vulnerable groups, inviting directors, supervisors, employees, and their families to participate and offer their support.

Spreading Joy and Enriching Lives

Participate in the Community School Celebration

Nextron's Reforestation Project

Supporting the Community Development and Guided Tours

Expand Social Welfare

Nextron values environmental protection, labor safety & health, and has obtained OHSAS18001 and ISO14001 certifications.
1. We promote resource reuse and recycling to reduce waste.

2. We implement energy-saving policies and purchase equipment to fulfill our energy conservation responsibilities.

3. We organize environmental protection activities and invite our directors, supervisors, employees, and their families to participate in promoting environmental education.

Purchase Sheltered Factory Gift Box Dragon Boat Festival Delights

Supporting Farmers in Taitung

New Moon Beach Cleaning Activity

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