Research & Design

For over 30 years, Nextron has been dedicated to the connector industry and has built up skilled R&D teams both in Taiwan and China. By integrating theory, domain know-how, and capabilities of simulation and verification, Nextron has accumulated outstanding results in high-speed signal transmission, components/subsystem mechanical design, and material properties mastery.

These R&D achievements have been transformed into a cross-disciplinary technology portfolio that creates solutions exceeding customers' expectations

In addition to in-house R&D capabilities, Nextron continuously cooperates with one of the best electrical engineering academic institutions- the National Taiwan University of Science & Technology. Through the establishment of a high-speed joint laboratory, Nextron is able to maintain a leading position in the industry with the advanced technology of high-frequency simulation and connector development.

The transmission rates of Nextron's products had migrated from 100G, and 200G to 400G, 800G, and InfiniBand EDR 25G to NDR 100G specifications as dedicated to simulation, acquainted with materials, and cooperating with NTUST. Nextron has also expanded this technology to the circular, backplane, and customize connectors, playing a pivotal role in optical communication applications such as the signal transmission of the HPC Data Centers, IIoT, and IOV.
In order to ensure the safety and reliability of our connection products, Nextron has been investing heavily in heat dissipation R&D capabilities. From component design to system-level optimization, Nextron leverages excellent thermal simulation capabilities and delivers unique designs, machining, and system assembly services to provide our customers with the most efficient and safe thermal solution.
Nextron specializes in various types of mechanism design and combines cross-disciplinary capabilities to design numerous new products. For different industry requirements, we use different locking mechanisms to meet customized needs. When it comes to chassis, besides, providing a series of standard products, we also offer mechanism designs to address the needs of ruggedization and heat dissipation.
Press-fit Simulation EMI shielding



Hybrid pin


High density terminals





Surface treatment



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