Production Capability

Since 2013, Nextron introduced Lean Production to its manufacturing system. With all employee’s participation, Nextron strives to create maximum value with continuous optimization while minimalizing waste.

In order to control quality and production rate, Nextron has in-house capabilities of mold design, stamping, turning, injection molding …etc. Starting from New Product Introduction (NPI) stage, to Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Nextron efficiently provides customers high quality products with competitive price.

In 2019, Nextron established Quick Proofing Center in Taiwan to fulfill customers' demand of diversified samples in small quantity. Our experienced in-house team is able to leverage various 3D printing materials,5-axis CNC machining, precision machining, and flexible assembly line to realize fast and precise design.

TPS & Lean

MES plus TPS

Just in time

Implementing the "Manufacturing Execution System" (MES), Nextron keeps improving production efficiency while connecting the plant equipment control with the MES system.

MES covers the manufacturing process, including production, equipment management, maintenance, quality control, and the inbound/ outbound inventory. By actively collecting and monitoring data generated during the manufacturing process, MES can ensure the quality of products effectively.

MES provides real-time information on work-in-progress such as quality management, machining operations, inventory status, etc., as well as reports anomalies. Its benefits are to improve the manufacturing yield, shorten lead time, reduce inventory, increase productivity, and help Nextron achieve Industry 4.0.


Nextron aims to achieve Industry 4.0 by handing over the single, repetitive, and precise tasks that are not suitable for manual labor to the robotic arms, and introducing automated production lines which are further optimized to achieve small-scale, fast, and customization to accelerate the flexibility of production.

The automated production lines require only a small amount of manual work to set up and inspect, which completely changes the existing labor structure and allows the best optimization solution to be proposed at any time through the real-time monitoring system.


Nextron has built a Rapid Prototyping Centre at Taiwan headquarter to realize the agile development methodology in hardware products. Through our subtractive manufacturing (CNC, high-precision lathe) and additive manufacturing (3D printing, micro-injection molding, flexible assembly), we can complete conceptual design, featured simulation, components production, and product assembly in the shortest time.

Clients can verify and adjust products without investing in high-cost molds in the development stage, which greatly speeds up the development of new products with low cost.

Additive and subtractive manufacturing processes are used concurrently!

The combination of 3D printing and CNC with the iterative design creates shared value, improving productivity and manufacturing yield effectively.

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